LOSE 10: Figure out Fat

For the price of a massage,

you can lose it and KEEP it off this time!

Lose 10 is for you if:

  • You want to lose 10 pounds (of just straight fat tissue)

  • You're frustrated with how much mental energy you have spent on figuring out food or how fat tissue works

  • You want to feel confident in your body and content with your food choices

  • You are active, or plan to be starting soon

  • You'll watch my brief course videos so you understand how fad-free fat loss works, once and for all

  • You're okay with utilizing a little tech (or live with someone techy :)

I created this course to help you truly understand how fat tissue works...hormones and metabolism included! There's more to it than the scale tells you.

I'm going to teach you how to make sure your weight loss is pure fat tissue loss so it doesn't backfire on your metabolism. Noooo!

The course will give you the insight you need:

to feel good about your food choices

to be content with your body

to lose body fat

to move your body

You'll also get the tools and support you need to implement my proven strategies easily.

I'm ready to share my secrets to keeping off the extra fat tissue for good (and staying out of scale jail).

What results should I expect?

If you need to lose 10 pounds of fat tissue, this is the time! I've got the support and tools you'll need for success! If you do not need to lose weight, use the modules to learn how to maintain your weight, navigate mid-life, and how to impact your health in terms of sleep, hormones, stress, etc.

How long do the modules take to consume?

Each of the 7 modules of the course has a 20ish-minute video along with some self-assessment questions for you to consider and some links to review. It's self-paced, but plan to spend about 30-60 minutes per week over about 7 weeks.

When do I need to complete the course? Does it expire?

You'll have lifetime access to the course, and you get expert support via our private Facebook group hosting the program for 2 months, as well as camaraderie along the journey.

What if I'm not techy?

No worries. The course is delivered in a clear step-by-step fashion. Just check your email after ordering to get started. You can always tag Sohailla Digsby in the Facebook group if you have questions. (Give yourself some grace for the first week or two as you adjust to learning something new... soon it will be super familiar and comfortable.)

What is the philosophy & background of the course/author?

My goal is to use my experience as a registered dietitian and fitness pro of 25+ years to provide support and insight for each person to be their personal best. This involves self-discovery, evidence-based strategies, and expert advice as to what needs to be tweaked or transformed.

I am very intentional to strike the balance of meeting people where they are (struggling through fads & frustrated with their weight)... meanwhile leading them to where I ultimately know they want to be big-picture.... confident about their choices and content in their bodies.

My programs promote balanced plate planning with an emphasis on prioritizing produce, protein, and purposeful snacks, and a de-emphasis on processed food. I believe there is room for strategic splurges, and that make-it-count movement should be one of life's joys.

Accountability is the secret sauce of feeling energetic, confident, and strong long-term. Providing a supportive community for every challenge makes it fun and keeps things interesting! I'd love to support you!

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Optional add-on

1-1 Coaching via Zoom

[NEW] Meal plan download

End the frustration: figure out fat!

Program starts on Monday, March 18 (private Facebook group support starts now)

  • self-paced course content (7 modules)

  • synergy & community

  • private Facebook group

  • 2 support chats (30 minutes each via Zoom)

  • workout links

  • menu plan with recipes (optional)

  • 1-1 coaching via Zoom (optional)

Annie, NY

There are changes I have made that will stay forever. I am now seeing and feeling big changes. These physical changes are impacting so many other parts of my life.

Money Back Guarantee

If you complete the course work weekly and utilize the support aspects offered* and don't figure out fat, just let us know by the end of April and you'll get the cost of the course back on your card!

*FB group, meal plan, Zoom sessions, and small-group coaching

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